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Solar Tips

Do Your Shingles Before Hand

Before considering Solar consider when your shingles had been done last. Renewable North will not install Solar on shingles that need to be replaced because it will cost you the home owner much more money in the future. If you need quality shingles installed, feel free to contact us. We have contacts in the roofing industry, and get a deal on both the Solar and Roofing if you do both at the same time.

What Way Does Your Roof Face

Solar systems operate best when facing South. Offering design services means that we will solve this major issue for some peoples home. Getting the most from your system is important to make the investment worth while.

Panel Upgrade May Be Necessary

In older homes, 60amp services are very common. We can also do a panel upgrade during the solar install. This can be a major time saver, save you some money on a package deal and reduce your insurance rates as well. 

Clearing Panels is Important

Covered Solar panels will under perform. We do offer clearing services if you need it done. Trust the experts to get the job done and maintain your solar package.

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