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Renewable North Electrical Company

Innovation is a fantastic thing, it creates a wonderful world of possibilities for the future. Climate change can feel like a huge unsurmountable issue that nobody seems to have realistic, executable and economy friendly solutions.
We aim to provide a solution in renewable technologies. Here at Renewable North we love the oil & gas industry, and have worked in that industry in the past and will continue to do so.
Creating a sustainable future does not have to come at the cost of jobs, travelling, big trucks and good times. But doing small actions to make the next generation have access to these amazing things should be our goal.

Our Benefits

Industry Leading




Ethically Driven Company

Craftsmanship Warranties

Tradesperson writing on notepad

Our Quality Guarantee

All work performed by Renewable North is more then just another job. Its another referral that we need to keep growing our company. Believing that people are the greatest asset to our company is why we Guarantee our work for a minimum of 10 years.

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