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  • Shelby Seib

Blacked Out

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Solar is a tricky balance between function and design.

These panels pictured above are great performing designs. They have low reflection rates, great thermal dynamics and are great cost to wattage. This is perfect on principle, but lacks one key future when adding anything to your home. It lacks curb appeal, they are not nice to look at. This is a big deal when adding any renovation improvement to your home.

Blacked Out Panels Are the Solution

Blacked Out panels are harder to produce, but a few companies have lead the charge to make them a mainstay and potentially the future of every residential solar installation.

Introducing the LG Neon R. The no compromise Black on Black panel. With a industry leading efficiency at 20.8%, and almost no visible trace lines. This beautiful panel is the pinnacle of Solar engineering and it shows. This is just a taste of the future of solar.

Beauty doesn't need to be a compromise.

LG isn't the only big players. Canadian Solar, Silfab, and more budget based option Longi.

Combined with micro inverters any solar system can almost seem invisible. They can generate electricity for all of every day needs and not be a noticeable eye sore to your homes aesthetic. This is the no compromise solution to your home. Power with grace.

If you want to discuss adding some gorgeous black solar panels to your home. Please contact us at, We have a no obligation quoting process that can be done remotely.


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